+ MF&GA Constitution

MFGA Constitution

In December of 2014, the Executive of the Moncton Fish & Game Association (MFGA) comprised the committee tasked with creating a draft proposal to develop our very own Constitution and By-Laws. The authority to undertake this task, was indicated in the Letters Patent of 1981 which incorporated the MFGA as a company in the Province of New Brunswick. The Executive saw a need to have our own Constitution to govern the organization and also a set of By-Laws to manage the day-to-day operations presently and well into the future.

There were nine (9) drafts of the Constitution and By-Laws and each went through extensive reviews and edits to arrive at this final document.

Looking over the document that is posted below you will see that after the cover page, page 2 is a "Coming into Effect" page that identifies that the Constitution and By-Laws have been put in effect by the membership; Page 3 is the start of the Constitutional Articles; and Page 13 the start of the By-Laws. Lastly, an amendments tracking page is at the end for recording changes, additions or deletions that may occur from time to time. Once voted on the date will be inserted on page 2 and the document will be official.

The Constitution and By-Laws are intended to be documents that may be amended, or have Articles and By-Laws amended, changed or added through appropriate membership votes. We invite members who may have questions to contact the Executive through the Contact Us form, or via email to monctonfishgame@gmail.com

Moncton Fish and Game Association Inc. Constitution and By-Laws 2016