Welcome to the MFGA Victoria Road Rifle and Pistol Range

The MF&GA operates a provincially inspected pistol and rifle range at 466 Victoria Road (north of Moncton 4.8km off of Indian Mountain Road). The pistol range is 25m long and the rifle range is 166m long (27 and 180 yards).

The range is for the exclusive use of MFGA members who have paid the range fee as part of their enhanced membership package. Other users from the general public who have obtained a DNR sighting in permit and have paid the required $15 fee are also welcomed. Invited guests of members will be required to pay the $5 daily insurance fee.

Range fees pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the range, replacement of target holders, improvements, as well as material used in club events at the range.

Range users are required to have with them their membership card which indicates that they have range privileges. This card not only proves membership, but Federal and Provincial law enforcement will accept the card as identification for transporting a long gun to the range during a closed hunting season.

Range Tour and Safety Information

We have developed three information products to promote our facility, and to promote firearms and range safety.

Our Tour the MFGA Range is a photo presentation that provides a visual reference for what the range looks like from the perspective of walking in for the first time. Our web site Gallery also has photos of various range events and the improvements made over the years.
Tour the MFGA Range

Part of our membership package includes the Range Safety Handbook which contains all the various rules and operating procedures. It is updated on a regular basis.

The MFGA has also produced a Range Safety PowerPoint presentation with several photos. New and long time members are encouraged to take a look at the presentation so that they are reminded of safe range procedures. This is also a good orientation for new members.
Range Safety Presentation

Range Guest Notification

We have had a request for an online guest notification procedure by MFGA members. Only MFGA members who have paid for range privileges may bring a guest and you must inform the MFGA in advance of the visit so that insurance is valid. MFGA members are reminded that they are allowed to bring no more than two guests at a time, that they must accompany the guest and that they are responsible for the guest's safety and conduct at the range. The member and the guest may occupy only one shooting bench so that the other benches are available to members. It is the members responsibility to ensure that the $5 for each guest is remitted to the MFGA. Simply use our existing contact form and include your name, email, and in the box provide your membership number, your guest's name, and the planned date you are bringing your guest. The email will go to the executive and they will ensure that the guest is insured.

Individual Members’ Responsibility

It is the sole responsibility of each MFGA member who uses the range to ensure that their Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) is up to date and valid. The MFGA, as a courtesy to its members, sends up-to-date membership information to the NBCFO so that Authorization to Transport (ATT) conditions may be attached to the members’ PAL. It is the member's responsibility to join the MFGA in sufficient time so as to have an ATT condition at the start of each calendar year (Jan 1st).

Relevant RCMP – Firearms Office Information

For information on the recent POL/PAL and ATT amendments to the firearms regulations kindly see the attached PDF
C-42 Questions and Answers.

The Canadian Firearms Safety Program circulated summary information on the storage, transport and display of firearms. The attached document contains the current information.
Storing & Transporting Firearms