Sponsors & Partners

As a volunteer-based not-for-profit organization, the MFGA has the pleasure of working with individuals and business in our community throughout the year. As a result of sponsor generosity, we are the recipient of prize donations (both large and small) for our annual Sportsman’s Dinner. These come to us from individuals, local and nationally recognized outfitters, outdoor equipment retailers, and all manner of local businesses. We are thankful and most appreciative of these partnerships and relationships as the donations of money and prizes help us continue the good work we do with our membership and in support of others in our community.
We encourage all members of the MFGA, and site visitors, to support our sponsors.

If you are a local business or individual who wants to contribute to our dinner, we look forward to hearing from you.

Sponsor and Partner Listing

The following companies have supported us in 2017, and we ask that you return their generosity by frequenting their businesses throughout 2018.

Special Mention

Two sponsors were especially noteworthy. Upper Oxbow Outdoor Adventures and SEPHORA deserve special mention because each made a considerable donation to our Fundraising Dinner; the former in support of angling, and the latter in supporting our efforts to attract sportswomen to the Dinner.

Volunteer Thank You

The MFGA is fortunate to have several volunteers who contribute time and effort to the organization. They help with the Sportsman Dinner, organize raffles, represent the Association on provincial organizations, keep the rifle and pistol range in order, and support the Association in other ways. The Executive thanks them for their continued dedication and service.

If you want to volunteer, we want to hear from you