• Our membership year is from January 1st to December 31st.

  • Regular club membership dues and range fees are identified in the membership package listed below. If you would like to have a paper copy to mail in a cheque or bring to a monthly meeting the click here to kindly print and fill out.

  • Members who want the privilege of using our rifle and pistol range are required to pay an additional range fee as identified below. We have, due to popular demand, included a family membership for 2 adults with range access.

  • All memberships include liability insurance coverage through the National Firearms Association while participating in legal hunting, fishing or sport shooting activities.

  • The regular club membership includes membership to the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation who offer as part of their membership an accidental death benefit.

  • The range user membership includes an official laminated membership card received after you join. The club sends your membership information to the Firearms Center in Fredericton, and they attach the ATT (Authorization to Transport) condition to your existing electronic R-PAL file.

 Note: Those wishing to have range access must provide firearms license information and certify that they are not under hunting, angling or firearms possession suspensions.

Youth Memberships

Our club tries to encourage family participation. We welcome youth members (under 17 years of age) and the club pays the insurance for the youth members. To use the shooting range a person must have an adult membership and be 18 or older. 

Range Guest Notification

We have had a request for an online guest notification procedure by MFGA members. Only MFGA members who have paid for range privileges may bring a guest and you must inform the MFGA in advance of the visit so that insurance is valid. MFGA members are reminded that they are allowed to bring no more than two guests at a time, that they must accompany the guest and that they are responsible for the guest's safety and conduct at the range. The member and the guest may occupy only one shooting bench so that the other benches are available to members. It is the member;s responsibility to ensure that the $5 for each guest is remitted to the MFGA. Simply use our existing contact form and include your name, email, and in the box provide your membership number, your guest's name, and the planned date you are bringing your guest. The email will go to the executive and they will ensure that the guest is insured.

Membership Benefits

  • Liability Insurance

  • Accidental Death Benefit

  • Access to a provincially inspected and approved pistol and rifle range

  • Club meetings and activities such as fly tying